Roasted chickpeas on sourdough at Mala Carne Glasgow.

7 Amazing Places for Vegan Breakfast in Glasgow

Do you love a good breakfast? Then Glasgow is the right city for you! Whether you live here, plan a foodie getaway or need a hearty start for a day of exploring the city, these seven gorgeous places for vegan breakfast in Glasgow will water your mouth!

Mala Carne

Mala Carne is my personal favourite for vegan breakfast in Glasgow. It might be because I live a mere 30 steps away, but I swear even if I had to walk for an hour, I’d come here a lot!

While the cafe is not 100% vegan, but they have a great selection of vegan breakfast/brunch/lunch items and usually their cakes are vegan too. It’s hard to choose, so we regularly walk home with more cake than we can eat… My favourite breakfast from the regular menu is the scrambled tofu on sourdough or the smoked carrot bagel, but there is always a board with specials of the day too.

Favourites: Scrambled tofu on sourdough; smoked carrot bagel
Price range: £ (£5-8 for a breakfast or lunch meal)



The V & V Cafe

Whenever I’m too lazy to bring my own lunch to work, you will find me at the V&V Cafe. The cafe started out with vegetarian and vegan fare but went 100% vegan in 2018. Food is available for sit in or take-away, and you can also buy loaves of bread, chocolates and healthy snacks from the deli fridge.

Even though the West End of Glasgow is supposedly the trendiest part of town, this is one of the few places where I know I can ALWAYS get vegan cake that isn’t a boring flapjack or a dried out brownie. The vegan doughnuts and empire biscuits are by far my favourites!

Favourites: “Pakora” toastie; Empire Biscuits
Price range: £ (from £5 for a breakfast meal)


Hen of the Woods @ The Glad Cafe

The Glad Cafe is a local favourite in the Southside of Glasgow and they recently got a new food team in to host their weekend brunch. Every Saturday and Sunday, the team from Hen of the Woods dishes up fantastic vegetarian and vegan food (the same people are also behind the Asian-inspired vegan menu at The Hug & Pint in the West End).

We tried the carrot & turmeric soup, the coconut porridge with plums and hazelnuts and the vegan fry up which comes with homemade pickled chilli beans, shiitake mushrooms, shiitake and lentil haggis and lots of vegetables and potatoes.

Favourites: Coconut & turmeric soup, coconut porridge
Price range: ££ (vegan mains from £6.50; £10 for the fry up)

Vegan fry up at Hen of the Woods at the Glad Cafe Glasgow.

Gusto & Relish

Gusto & Relish is an amazing place to go for brunch at the weekend or to get some work done during the week. They have fantastic coffee (Firebird) and make the most filling smoothies. The cafe is not vegan or vegetarian, but has an incredibly satisfying full vegan breakfast on their menu, with some of the grainiest (read: delicious) square sausages in town!

Come with an empty belly and plenty of time, because the breakfast plus a smoothie will fill you up – you won’t be able to leave too quickly. A walk in the nearby Queen’s Park is the perfect countermeasure!

Favourites: banana & oats smoothie; full breakfast
Price range: ££ (£6-8 for a lunch meal)

Do you love a good brunch? Then Glasgow is the right city for you and these six gorgeous places for vegan breakfast in Glasgow will water your mouth!

Rose & Grants

There are a lot of vegan restaurants in the city centre, but when it comes to breakfast and people watching, Rose & Grants is my favourite. It’s best to find a table with a good view through the massive glass front, to watch the busy city life pass by outside.

Again, it’s not a 100% vegan place, but the vegan breakfast is worth coming here! I might sound repetitive, but what can I say – the square sausage is amazing. I never even liked “real” square sausage, but there is something about how every cafe makes its own vegan square sausage, that interests me. They also sell loads of vegan cakes and rolls over the counter, as well as vegan ice cream on the go!

Favourites: square sausage; vegan ice cream
Price range: £ (£5-7 for a breakfast meal)

Do you love a good brunch? Then Glasgow is the right city for you and these six gorgeous places for vegan breakfast in Glasgow will water your mouth!


Picnic is a gorgeous cafe in the Merchant City. All the food is 100% vegan and prepared with fresh ingredients. I come here for lunch whenever I’m in the city centre and craving a healthy fill. The cakes and smoothies are a great takeaway or pick me up. Judging by that I’m convinced that the cooked breakfast is a delight too!

The cafe was founded by Michelle Morrow who wanted to provide a healthy and cruelty-free alternative to the otherwise chip shop, pub and seafood dominated neighbourhood. Aside from that I always get the sense that it is a very female- & family-friendly space, and I love the pops of colour it adds to the city!

I usually come here when I’m in town, particularly when I need a break from sightseeing or after coming back from a tour – it’s location just off George Square makes it perfect for that!

Favourites: Pastramheat sandwich, green smoothies, raw pad thai bowl
Price range: £ (from £5 for a breakfast meal)

Do you love a good brunch? Then Glasgow is the right city for you and these six gorgeous places for vegan breakfast in Glasgow will water your mouth!

In Bloom

In Bloom is a vegan cafe in the West End of Glasgow. Some the sandwiches have Nirvana-themed names, like Polly’s Ploughman or B L Turnover, but there are also some more breakfast-like options like the bacon, banana and peanut butter bagel.

If you’re a sweet tooth, check out their doughnuts – you can get them individually or buy assorted boxes. In Bloom also has a take-away fridge if you need a quick bite on the go.

Favourites: Ploughman’s sandwich, bacon, banana & peanut butter bagel
Price range: £ (around £5-6 for a sandwich)

Bacon and banana bagel at In Bloom Glasgow - Photo by Kathi Kamleitner

You could spend an entire week just exploring the scene for vegan breakfast in Glasgow, and I’m sure I’ve not managed to squeeze in every cafe or restaurant that offers vegan options.

Which vegan breakfast in Glasgow do you think I should add?


Do you love a good brunch? Then Glasgow is the right city for you and these six gorgeous places for vegan breakfast in Glasgow will water your mouth!
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All photos by Kathi Kamleitner.

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  1. Vicky Vegan

    What’s the point in including the ones that are permanently closed – they sounded fantatstic and i really wanted to go and eat the food from them but i can’t becasue they’re permanently closed (sad face)

  2. Thanks so much for this list! Going next to check not one of them now – vegan Lorne sausage yes please.

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  4. Lorna Wright

    Add In Bloom! The breakfast bloomers are INSANE 😀 x

    • I’ve had lunch there for the first time recently – definitely need to add them! Thanks for reminding me – and I’ll have to try the breakfast bloomer next time 🙂

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  6. I am still to try it but I hear that Christopher Robin on Nithsdale Road offer full vegan breakfast!

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  8. Thank you so much for this list; I am headed to Glasgow soon and can’t wait to try these out!!

  9. Emily Fowler

    Brilliant, thanks! Off to Glasgow next weekend, so I’ve saved all of these to have a look at 🙂

  10. These look lovely! I’m always trying to find new places to eat when we go to Glasgow. And I LOVE a good brunch/breakfast!

    • They really are all incredible – just heard Kind Crusts is now making their own seitan, so need to go back!! 🙂

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