Welcome to Watch Me See – A Scotland Travel Blog!

Welcome to Watch Me See! A Scotland Travel Blog.

About Watch Me See

Welcome to Watch Me See – I bet you want to find out what this website is all about!

My name is Kathi and I’m the traveller, writer and photographer behind Watch Me See! I moved to Scotland in 2013 and I fell madly in love with my new home. I wish that everybody could visit this beautiful country at least once in their lifetime and that’s why I started Watch Me See in 2016.

On Watch Me See I share my favourite places, top travel tips and inspiring travel stories from around Scotland, but also my experiences from further afield. Photography and writing are my two biggest passions, and wherever I go, I return with a backpack full of stories.

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Let me plan your trip or take you on a tour of Glasgow

I offer private tours in Glasgow from £15/hour (min. 3 hours) which are entirely tailored to your interests! Whether you want to tour the major attractions of the city, check out the best of Glasgow’s culinary or craft beer scene, or discover local gems that you simply would not find without a little guidance – I can create the perfect itinerary for you!

My private Glasgow tours are like a crash course in everything you’d want to know about the city! They are however not primarily focussed on history, but rather on local culture and life, what it’s like to live here and everything makes the city so special!

Get in touch to discuss your tour here via Showaround.

On one of my Watch Me See Private Glasgow Tours with four guests from Argentina, September 2017
On one of my Watch Me See Private Glasgow Tours with four guests from Argentina, September 2017


If you want to see more of Scotland, but feel overwhelmed by picking which places to visit, how long to stay where, what to do and where to stay or eat, I have the solution for you!

I offer a Scotland Travel Consultation and Trip Planning Services to assist you in creating your ideal Scotland itinerary. Consulting rats start at £30.

Find out more about Watch Me See’s Scotland Travel Consultation here.

Scotland Consulting: Let me help your unforgettable trip to Scotland!
Jeff & Nancy from Wisconsin, who received travel consultation before their first trip to Scotland, at Eilean Donan Castle.

Here are 10 more things about me:

1) I was born in Vienna, Austria, and relocated to Glasgow, Scotland, in 2013 for grad school.

2) I have been writing and sharing my photographs as a freelance travel writer since 2013 – mostly for Travelettes.net, a travel website by and for women – but also for other publications such as Schottland Magazin, 60 Degrees North magazine, Volume magazine and restplatzboerse.at.

3) My photography skills are entirely self-taught, and while I’m far from being a full-on professional, I love sharing my photo essays and photography tips with you! If you have any questions about my equipment or top tips, let me know!

4) I have been vegan since March 2017 and focus on providing vegan food options in my travel guides. In January 2018 I’m launching Glasgow Vegan Guide, a comprehensive online resource about vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in Glasgow.

5) I love being outdoors, which is why you’ll find loads of ideas for day trips and micro-adventures on this blog! I fell in love with trekking in 2017 and have a variety of treks in Scotland and beyond on my bucket list. I’m into climbing, even though I’m scared of heights, and into sea kayaking, even though I’m slightly terrified of the ocean. You see, I love to overcome my fears!

6) I don’t have one favourite destination (apart from Scotland of course), but I’m usually drawn to northern and/or mountainous regions. Some places on the top of my bucket list are Greenland, Finland, Alaska, Patagonia and Japan.

7) I lived in Iceland for half a year while studying for my BA in Vienna. I’ve only been back once (in January 2015) and have since fallen in love with the Faroe Islands, which is just as bizarre and beautiful, but still totally off the beaten track!

8) I’m doing a PhD in Film & TV Studies at the University of Glasgow on women’s film festivals. In my research I’m combining festival studies with feminist film theory and love to discover unwritten histories of women in the film industry.

9) Surprise, surprise: I’m a feminist!

10) Despite having studied English in school since age 10 and living in Scotland for several years, I still don’t understand every Scot I come across… So, don’t feel bad about yourself – even if you’re an English native speaker!