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Are you a destination marketer, a tourism board professional or a tour operator and want to work with to increase your visibility and profile?

I am open to work with brands, destination marketing offices, tourism boards, hotels and PRs – so just give me a shout at if you are interested!

What can I do for you?

Below you can find a selection of ways you can work with me.

Work with Watch Me See: BlogpostsBlogposts

Let me write a piece of unique content on your destination or product on my blog and engage my readers with you in a personal and authentic way. My travel blog has a strong focus on Scotland, the UK and Northern destinations, but past trips have brought me to almost every continent of the world so far.

Whether you are a tour promoter, tourism board or travel product marketer – I am your woman!


Work with Watch Me See: Travel PhotographyTravel Photography

Buy my images. All with a Canon DSLR my travel photos convey my unique perspective onto the world – be to portrait photography of locals and their stories, snapshots of vibrant local and city life, serene landscapes and dreamy views or images capturing the joys of travelling. Have a look at my Photography Posts for some examples!



Work with Watch Me See: Content CreationContent Creation

Do you love the work on my blog and have a platform you need content for? I can write a blog post for your website or an article for your magazine. I will include my own photography along with the text and make sure I promote the content to my followers.

In the past I have contributed my stories to Travelettes, Restlatzboerse, Midnight Blue Elephant, and the 2016 Spring issue of 60 North Magazine.


Work with Watch Me See: Sponsored ReviewsSponsored Reviews

First things first – I do not write positive reviews in exchange for money. BUT if you have an outstanding product/hotel/brand or tour offer I will do my utmost to let me readers and follower know how awesome it is!

In the past I have reviewed products, apps and hotels for – find some examples in the work samples below.


Work with Watch Me See: FAM TripsFAM Trips

Send me on a FAM trip: invite me to your destination or hotel, or let me join your tour! I will produce informative and awe-inspiring text, photo and video content and inspire my readers and followers to visit too!

In the past I have done FAM trips for to Ecuador, Curacao, Israel and many more.


Work with Watch Me See: Social Media CampaignsSocial Media Campaigns

Let me take over your social media accounts and bring my audience one step closer to your product or destination! My Instagram shots have been featured on @promoteshetland@restplatzboerse and @travelettes.

Or would you rather focus on Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook – let’s work on a project together!


* Please note that all sponsored content will be clearly marked and that opinions are my own. Unfortunately I cannot work for free either as I still have not found a way to bills with exposure.

Work Samples

The blog at is a new project based on the experience I gathered as Associate Editor-in-Chief, Head of Marketing & Sales and Social Media Editor of, an online travel platform by and for inspiring women. Below I have selected a couple of collaborations and projects I was involved in from the conceptualisation to the execution on the blog.

IG Take Over of the official Promote Shetland account > Combined with FAM Trip to Shetland

Content creation: Travelettes, since 2014 (selection)

Inspiring Women Travellers: Kristina Paltén is running Alone through Iran, January 2017

How a Food Tour can be the Key to Understanding a Culture, November 2016

Why I decided not to boycott the Faroe Islands, July 2016

Is Edinburgh the Ultimate Festival City?, November 2015

Do you ever feel guilty when you travel?, August 2015

Content creation:, since 2014 (selection)

Auf Safari im Kaufe National Park, September 2016

Insidertipp: Unbekanntes Amsterdam, February 2016

Segeln in Kroatien: Die Adria nur für dich, Juli 2015

Island – Die Insel auf Feuer und Eis, August 2014

Content creation: Expedia, since 2015 (campaign-based)

Amsterdam für Anfänger: Ein Städtetrip für Kunstbegeisterte, April 2015

Content creation:, since 2016 (selection)

Yoga in Aruba – Mehr als nur ein entspannter Urlaub, November 2016

Das Geheimnis von Aruba, July 2016