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8 Reasons Why Scotland is Perfect for Female Solo Travellers | Watch Me See

Scotland came onto my travel radar when I was 18 years old and dying to travel for a year after my high school graduation. My idea was to hike and hitchhike around Scotland, drop my bag wherever I liked it most, find a WWOOFing host and just enjoy life. Without a doubt did I think of lush green hills, gorgeous lakes and never-ending sunshine – rain was certainly not on the agenda. Of course my parents did not agree with my aspirations to become the family hobo and I ended up doing a year of voluntary work in Denmark through the EU-programme European Voluntary Service instead.

Had I only known back then what I know now, I might have found it easier to convince my parents of the flawlessness of my backpacking plans. Because now I firmly believe that Scotland it THE perfect destination for solo travellers and female solo travellers alike. Here are a few reasons why that is so…

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