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While the castles are pretty, I feel for a very different attraction of the Royal Deeside: the beautiful trails of the Muir of Dinnet Nature Reserve.

I have just returned from a road trip round Scotland with my mum exploring a part of this country that neither her nor me have ever seen before. This means discovering a completely different side than what you might recognise from the Highlands and the isles. Our road trip was leading us to Aberdeenshire, the northeastern part of Scotland that is particularly famous for its castles, the whiskies of the Speyside, the abundance of farming and fresh produce, and the most gorgeous beaches. Our first destination was Royal Deeside, the valley along the River Dee in the eastern part of Cairngorms National Park. 
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A Quick Guide to Oban, Scotland | View from McCaig's Tower

Recently Scotland has been blessed with gorgeous sunshine and at times even summer like temperatures – at least if you’re Scottish and anything above the 19 Celsius line is ‘summer’ and calls for shorts and t-shirts. One of these summery weekends in May, my partner and I set out to the west coast of Scotland – our home for the weekend: Oban.

Oban is a small town and a little out of the way for most Scotland-travellers, as it is not located along the popular route between Glasgow, Fort William and Loch Ness. And yet it is one of Scotland’s most famous towns, not only the Seafood Capital of Scotlan‘ but also the Gateway to the Isles with ferries leaving for the Inner and Southern Hebrides like Mull, Islay or Jura.

Sadly, we could only stay for one night before duty called again in Glasgow, so we rented a car and left for our adventure early on a Saturday morning. Read on for my quick guide to Oban and a one-minute travel guide vlog with seven things to do in Oban.
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Travel Guide: The Isle of Rum, Scotland |Watch Me See

Round about this time of the year, usually at the end of April/beginning of May, I made it a little tradition to spend a weekend at the Isle of Rum. After two years in a row, I won’t be going this time because I’m involved with the Radical Film Network Unconference in Glasgow which is happening over the Mayday weekend. But old nostalgic that I am, I thought I’d share this little Scottish getaway with you to at least reminisce about the gorgeous island that you might have never considered for a weekend trip.

The Isle of Rum is one of the smaller Inner Hebrides and barely on anyone’s radar. It dwells in the shadow of its much more popular neighbour the Isle of Skye which is just north of it. The fact that the island is more or less car-free, there is hardly any accommodation available and there is no supermarket on the island make this the perfect hidden gem to get off the grid in the Western Isles. Saying that hardly noone ever visits the Isle of Rum would be underestimating the great appeal the island has to hikers and wildlife photographers – even the BBC comes here frequently to film the deer rut. Still, the Isle of Rum is a total insider tip and the perfect spot for an off-the-beaten-track weekend getaway.
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Exploring Argyll & Bute: A Day Trip to Dunoon |

Have you ever seen a sunset so purple that you would not have been surprised if a UFO would have landed right next to you? A sunset so spectacular that would wish it would have lasted forever? A sunset at nine or ten pm?

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The sunset was obviously the final highlight of the day trip I want to tell you about. The other day I stumbled across a blogpost on Laretour, an awesome Scottish travel blog, about a day trip to Inverary. Nostalgia overcame me. Although I had not been to Inverary directly, I visited this area of Scotland called Argyll and Bute for a day trip last July. My friend invited my along on a motorcycle trip and after a quick coastal detour for ice-cream in Largs (the home of Nardini’s Scottish ice-cream) we drove up towards Helensburgh, through the hills around Arrochar and then south towards Dunoon. If you have your own wheels – whether they are two or four – a drive around Argyll and Bute might be just the perfect day trip to see the hills, lochs and islands of Scotland without wasting too much time on the big roads leading north.
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A Perfect Day Hike: Ben A'an , Scotland|

One of my favourite things about Glasgow is that it is so close to the southern Highlands, that I can see the hills north of the city from my living room window. On a sunny day that is… Last weekend was yet another glorious sunshine-filled one, so we decided it was time to leave Glasgow behind. A rental car was quickly booked for the day and I already knew where I wanted to go for this perfect day hike: Ben A’an.

As three is a party, my flatmate and my boyfriend joined me for this epic day trip. The more the merrier!

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