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Whether you are a Scottish whisky connoisseur or still not convinced, a trip to Scotland wouldn't be complete with out one of these whisky experiences.

Do you like whisky? If your answer is yes, then a trip to Scotland – the mother of all single malt Scotch whisky – should really be in your cards. If your answer is no, then you’re a lot like me. Unlike with Tequila my hate relationship with whisky has nothing to do with an initial overkill of love. I just never enjoyed the taste and smell of whisky. Single malt, blended, or bourbon; cheap or expensive; neat, on ice or with coke – it didn’t really matter how you served it; I certainly wouldn’t drink it. Moving to Scotland however, I knew that I had to slightly change my attitude towards Scottish whisky- if only not to offend anybody. And so I tried at least a sip whenever I was offered it, and smelled my way around a variety of different bottles to learn more about the distinct features and differences. I came to believe that in Scotland there is a whisky for everyone – that’s what everybody says anyways. And slowly over the last three years I have come accustomed to the idea of wanting to like whisky. And while it is not always easy, I’m warming up to the golden spirit that makes the world (or at least parts of the Scottish economy) go round. 
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