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There is no shortage of hotels in Edinburgh - but which are good value for money? Here are my favourite picks for where to stay in Edinburgh on any budget.

Finding a place to stay in Edinburgh isn’t hard – but finding a place to stay where you get good value for your money, that is located in a cool part of town and easy to navigate from is a completely different story. Accommodation in Edinburgh ranges from anything like bare-bones hostels with absolutely no frills whatsoever to indulging, luxurious boutique hotels where a concierge will anticipate your every wish.

To your benefit I have tried them all – well, not all hotels in Edinburgh, but a great variety of accommodation that cater to different budgets and desires. Here are a few recommendations for places to stay in Edinburgh that passed the test.
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Hostels are not only for backpackers and these luxury boutique hostels in London are proof for that. But the Safestay Hostels also help you to safe money!

Figuring out where to stay on a trip to London can be a major endeavour, especially if you don’t know the city so well and are a quite spontaneous type of traveler (read that as ‘not using a guidebook’). You want to be close by the city’s places of interest – for some that means museums and tourist attractions, for others hip neighbourhoods and street markets are more important; you want your accommodation to be conveniently located within the public transport system and easy to reach from airports or train stations; you want restaurants, bars and pubs close by so that you don’t have to waste all your spending money on taxis or ubers; you want to feel integrated in the local lifestyle as much as possible; and on top of all that you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a place you essentially only go to to sleep. It sounds almost impossible to score accommodation like this in the big city – but luckily there are two boutique hostels in London that offer just that. Let me tell you more about the Safestay Hostels.
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