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Hostels are not only for backpackers and these luxury boutique hostels in London are proof for that. But the Safestay Hostels also help you to safe money!

Figuring out where to stay on a trip to London can be a major endeavour, especially if you don’t know the city so well and are a quite spontaneous type of traveler (read that as ‘not using a guidebook’). You want to be close by the city’s places of interest – for some that means museums and tourist attractions, for others hip neighbourhoods and street markets are more important; you want your accommodation to be conveniently located within the public transport system and easy to reach from airports or train stations; you want restaurants, bars and pubs close by so that you don’t have to waste all your spending money on taxis or ubers; you want to feel integrated in the local lifestyle as much as possible; and on top of all that you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a place you essentially only go to to sleep. It sounds almost impossible to score accommodation like this in the big city – but luckily there are two boutique hostels in London that offer just that. Let me tell you more about the Safestay Hostels.
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Meeting & connecting with locals are major reasons for why I travel. Here I tell 3 extraordinary stories from London from people who have crossed my path.

When I wrote a little text called I travel to escape reality I thought a lot about the reasons for why I travel. Important things like endless learning opportunities, broadening my horizon and escaping prejudices aside, meeting locals and making a connection with the local culture is a major reasons for why I hit the road again and again. My first multiple destination solo trip after this revelation should be an assignment for Travelettes leading me to London, York and Edinburgh, and while the core task of the trip was to test four locations of the same hostel group and discover the best of each town or neighbourhood in just 24 hours, I made it my personal goal to also connect to some locals.

In London I didn’t have to try hard to get into conversation with people. My assignment, the flashy camera and my weird hybrid Austrian-Scottish accent are enough to kindle encounters with all kinds of people. I’ve picked out three stories from London that stood out among the others and want to introduce you to these three locals who crossed my path.
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London on a Budget: 48h City Guide | Watch Me See

Eclectic, vibrant, edgy, modern, royal, expensive – those are the kind of words that come to my mind when I think about London. Living in Glasgow now and Berlin a few years ago, I noticed that while young creatives still flock to London for inspiration and to be part of the London crowd, many of them also flee the city and it’s soaring costs of living. I visited London last summer to meet up with my blog friends from Travelettes and was shocked at the Aibnb prices, the cost of breakfasts and lattes and just how much they charge you for a single ride on the tube… Living on a modest student budget since I thought my next trip to London would not happen in a while, I could simply not afford spending so much money in just one weekend. However, when I recently got invited to review the MEININGER Hotel ‘Hypde Park’ for Travelettes I thought – why not prove that you can do London on a budget?

And you know what I found out? With the right amount of planning, thinking ahead and spending wisely, you can actually go do London without breaking the bank. Here is my 48h city guide to London on a budget including loads of tips for free and cheap things to do.
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