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Scotland is a great location for first-time solo travellers, and my 50 super useful travel tips for Scotland will make your trip even better!

Finding a stylish rain coat that also does it’s job and is comfortable to wear is not easy. While I’m super happy with my bright turquoise 3-in-1 waterproof when I’m cycling through Glasgow or hiking in the Highlands, it is not necessarily the most stylish jacket to travel with. For my recent trip ti the Faroe Islands I knew I had to get something a little bit different.

In Scandinavia you will inevitably meet a bunch of beautiful people who all just seem to know how to make even the most functional outfit look amazing. My new stylish rain coat had to fit right in with that – I wanted to find something really special.
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Up Helly Aa in Lerwick had been on my bucket list for years, and at the end of January you have a chance to see it too. Here is everything you need to know!

If you plan a trip to Scotland and you think you will be fine without a very good waterproof jacket – think again. No matter what time of the year your trip is scheduled for, you can pretty much expect Scotland to surprise you with weather from all four seasons, sometimes within one day. You might think, I’ll just bring an umbrella – but in that case you have not considered the vicious rain-wind combination so common in Scotland. Your umbrella will most likely break – if you don’t leave it under your seat of the first pub you visit.

When I first moved to Scotland I had bought a brand-new waterproof jacket from a brand I didn’t know much about and sadly it turned out that it was not as waterproof as needed in the Scottish autumn showers. A new jacket had to be purchased and this time I wanted to make sure it would last. Soon after I began looking around online, I spotted a jacket during one of my frequent trips to our local Cotswold Outdoor shop. I kept debating with myself for a few months whether or not to go for it, and finally the decision to climb Mt Kilimanjaro with my dad was the final drop to fill the bucket. I had to have this jacket.
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If you have had a look at my recent travel guide to Oban you might have noticed a rather peculiar tent featured in our weekend getaway… But what looks a little bit like a blue and orange spider is actually my tent from Heimplanet, a German company that specialises in tents for outdoor adventures in any kind of weather. I’ve had their formerly smallest tent The Wedge for just about two years now and thought it’s time I tell you a little more about it.
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