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Studio Visit: Joanna Hunter, Ninian |

May I introduce you to Joanna Hunter – founder and head designer of Joanna Hunter Knitwear (JHK) and Ninian, and also superwoman of Shetland.

I met Joanna Hunter at her store Ninian in Lerwick, Shetland on a cold and windy winter morning in January 2016. Not that a cold and windy morning is particularly special at this time of the year, but the encounter with the Shetlander designer and business woman made it so.

Joanna welcomed us in the little design studio attached to her shop in central Lerwick. There had been a water leak over the holidays, and it was still a little chaos, but then I guess that is what a studio is supposed to be anyways: creative chaos. We sat down with a cup of tea and started spilling the beans.
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Studio Visit: Vivian Ross-Smith |

Meet Vivian Ross-Smith, a visual artist from Fair Isle who lives and works on the mainland of Shetland these days.

I met visual artist Vivian Ross-Smith on the wildest day on our Shetland trip. Storm Gertrude is in full blast and turns the 25 minute drive from Lerwick to Weisdale into a crazy (ad)venture. Luckily the views over the Weisdale Sound make up for the wild ride.

And then there is Vivian, a young woman from Fair Isle who impresses with her down-to-earth attitude and gorgeous artwork. After moving to mainland Shetland for high school and college, Vivian left the islands for Art School in Aberdeen and work experience in Glasgow – but soon she was drawn back to her home. Now she’s based between her home in Lerwick and Weisdale, where she shares a studio with her father who is a glass artist himself.
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