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For one sunny weekend in September I found myself in the wilderness of Ontario, fulfilling one of my biggest dreams: canoe camping in Canada.


Did you hear that noise?

No one answers. Obviously. I’m alone in my tent in the middle of Killarney Provincial Park. My tent is the only one on the little clearing in the forest. I was the only one who could have heard the noise. – There it was again. A quick and scratchy sound right next to my head. I open my eyes. It’s light out, but the sun hasn’t risen yet. There is no rain sheet covering┬ámy tent, so I can see the treetops high above me. The scratching is back. I realise it is actually not all that close, but rather a bit higher up in the tree next to my tent. It is coming closer. Something is moving down the trunk. I sit up and suddenly everything goes super quickly. Alarmed by the movement in the bright red spaceship-like structure there on the floor, the black squirrel raced down the tree, zoomed past the tent and disappeared in the leaves across the clearing. Had I really just been woken up by a squirrel? Just in time for sunrise? Or was this a dream?

Far off from that – I found myself in the wilderness of Ontario for a weekend by the lake – canoe camping in Canada.

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