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Think you've seen Scotland after a trip to Edinburgh, Skye and the Highlands? Think again! Here is my off-beat Scotland bucket list for 2017!

2016 has been another crazy year for me in terms of traveling. I left the country often and to far away places, like Canada, the Faroe Islands, Monaco and Austria. Don’t get me wrong, I loved these trips, and seeing new countries (or ‘old’ ones again) is great – but after three years in Glasgow I feel like I still haven’t seen as much as I’d like to of Scotland. That’s why in 2017 I want to focus more in traveling within the country and made up an ever-growing Scotland bucket list to tick off along the way.
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Sometimes we take even the most extraordinary things for granted. Read my story of recognising the natural things, which landed me a literature stipend!

You might have noticed it has been a bit quite around here and my social media for the past week – but there is a very good reason for that! I am actually in Austria right now, spending 10 days away from it all – away from the big city, away from my laptop and most of all away from an Internet connection. I am in the middle of the National Park Neusiedler See – Seewinkel in the far east of the country supported by a literature stipend by the Nationalparks Austria.

For ten days I get to explore the national park, speak to the people who live and work in and around it, and re-connect to a place that has always been so close to my home that there have certainly been times where I’ve taken it for granted. And that is exactly the topic of my assignment – going from taking things for granted to recognising how extraordinary they are in fact.
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A Quick Guide to Oban, Scotland | Kayaking

In the recent light of Brexit, but also last week’s decision of the Austrian constitutional court to overturn our latest presidential elections, I have been finding myself saying one thing over and over again: Thank God, I live in Scotland. I knew I would love it here long before I made the decision to apply for university in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. That was in early 2014. Eight years earlier I told my mum about this amazing thing called Wwoofing (if you don’t know what that is, have a look here) and how much I wanted to travel around Scotland and wwoof my way through the Highlands. I had fallen in love with pictures of the Highlands, the islands and the lush green hills. I was 17 at that point, had never traveled on my own, and as you can imagine, my parents said no.

How lucky do I consider myself now, ten years later, living in the country of my teenage dreams. And how lucky do I consider myself to live in a country where the majority voted in favour of the European spirit that enables me to do so.

Here are my top ten reasons to move to Scotland and why you should consider living here as well.

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Travel Lessons I learnt from Life in Scotland - Inverness | Watch Me See

Life is full of lessons to be learnt and living abroad over the years has definitely taught me a thing or two. Like that year when I lived in Denmark and had about five umbrellas destroyed in the wind before I switched over to a proper waterproof jacket… Or that time in Iceland when I realised that if you don’t lock the door to your basement washing room someone’s gotta steal your washing machine. True story…
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You were right all along, or I Travel to Escape Reality | Watch Me See

A few weeks ago I was asked by fellow Travelette and blogger colleague Annika if I wanted to contribute an article for her blog The Midnight Blue Elephant. We had spent the past months, pretty much since the ‘escalation’ of the refugee crisis in Europe and the terror attacks in Paris, standing side by side on social media discussing the reasons why all these things are happening and what we can do to change them. Already back then she had been asking me for a contribution – the ever so slightly more pragmatic player in our discussions. But I couldn’t yet put it in words how I felt about it all. The fear of political extremism, the disappointment in the media landscape and the frustration about uneducated and populist opinions. It was all to close – and yet I couldn’t escape from this reality – except for when I travelled. On the road I found a different world, a different atmosphere and a different hope for the future. This is what my story is all about – I travel to escape reality…
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