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The Isle of Skye is one of Scotland's most popular destinations, and once you see it for yourself you'll know why! Here are five things to do on the Isle of Skye.

When it comes to the most popular Scottish getaways the Isle of Skye is all the way up there with hunting monsters at Loch Ness and discovering the medieval lanes of Edinburgh. Already on the way to Skye you will see why this is one of Scotland’s most sought-after islands. Approaching Skye from the Highlands, driving past such gorgeous places as Glen Coe, Ben Nevis and – depending on which route you choose – the Road to the Isles or Eilean Donan Castle is an appropriate preparation of what you are about to experience – some of Scotland’s most unusual natural monuments, colourful seaside towns and some awesome outdoor adventures.
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Travel Guide: The Isle of Rum, Scotland |Watch Me See

Round about this time of the year, usually at the end of April/beginning of May, I made it a little tradition to spend a weekend at the Isle of Rum. After two years in a row, I won’t be going this time because I’m involved with the Radical Film Network Unconference in Glasgow which is happening over the Mayday weekend. But old nostalgic that I am, I thought I’d share this little Scottish getaway with you to at least reminisce about the gorgeous island that you might have never considered for a weekend trip.

The Isle of Rum is one of the smaller Inner Hebrides and barely on anyone’s radar. It dwells in the shadow of its much more popular neighbour the Isle of Skye which is just north of it. The fact that the island is more or less car-free, there is hardly any accommodation available and there is no supermarket on the island make this the perfect hidden gem to get off the grid in the Western Isles. Saying that hardly noone ever visits the Isle of Rum would be underestimating the great appeal the island has to hikers and wildlife photographers – even the BBC comes here frequently to film the deer rut. Still, the Isle of Rum is a total insider tip and the perfect spot for an off-the-beaten-track weekend getaway.
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