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There is no shortage of hotels in Edinburgh - but which are good value for money? Here are my favourite picks for where to stay in Edinburgh on any budget.

Finding a place to stay in Edinburgh isn’t hard – but finding a place to stay where you get good value for your money, that is located in a cool part of town and easy to navigate from is a completely different story. Accommodation in Edinburgh ranges from anything like bare-bones hostels with absolutely no frills whatsoever to indulging, luxurious boutique hotels where a concierge will anticipate your every wish.

To your benefit I have tried them all – well, not all hotels in Edinburgh, but a great variety of accommodation that cater to different budgets and desires. Here are a few recommendations for places to stay in Edinburgh that passed the test.
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What to do when it's raining in Edinburgh and you've seen all the touristy biggies? Follow me to Inverleith and explore the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh!

When I first moved to Glasgow and had to get accustomed to the rainy and dark winter days, I found my happy place on my way from University home to my student accommodation – the glasshouses at the Botanical Gardens in Glasgow’s West End. When I recently spent a weekend in Edinburgh with Safestay, it was raining on my final morning and I was tired from the masses of tourists pushing me through the busy lanes of Old Town. I was therefore quick to decide where to spend my time: the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.
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Spending New Year's Eve, or Hogmanay in Edinburgh is one grand sparkling party - and makes for a good reason to visit Scotland in winter!

Hogmanay – or New Year’s Eve as the end-of-year celebrations on the 31st of December are called in most parts of Europe – is an incredible experience, and one very good reason to visit Scotland during the winter time. Fireworks and wild parties are a given anywhere in the country, but Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh go one massive step further. Here, Hogmanay is turned into a sparkling winter festival that lasts three days and attracts over 140,000 every year. Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for the party of the year(s) – here is everything you need to know in my quick guide to Hogmanay in Edinburgh.

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Edinburgh makes for a perfect weekend getaway. Find out what to do & see, where to grab food & drinks and where to stay for a weekend in Edinburgh!

Edinburgh is a perfect weekend getaway. Lots to do and see, various neighbourhoods to explore each with their own character, foodie hotspots ranging from the sweetest cakes to healthy choices to indulging Scottish fare, and yet, the city is small enough to not feel overwhelmed by it. Last July I spent a weekend in Edinburgh with Safestay Hostels, and since this was far from my first trip to the Scottish capital, I thought it would be tricky to fill my days with activities I hadn’t tried and places I hadn’t seen yet. I’ll tell you this much: Edinburgh has more to offer than I ever imagined!

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During my Safestay Hostel tour around the UK I gave Rabbie's new Edinburgh City Tour a try - and will tell you why you should do the same!

Finding new things to do in a city where you thought you’ve seen it all on numerous trips in the past is always exciting. It was on my tour around the UK to visit all four Safestay Hostels (two in London, one in York and one in Edinburgh) that I stumbled across a couple of things in Edinburgh that were completely new to me. Rabbie’s ‘Edinburgh City Tour’ was one of them – but it was not only new to me, it is actual the newest addition to Rabbie’s tour programme with trips all over the country, the British islands and even across the channel to France.

The tour around Edinburgh takes roughly 1.5 hours and offers a great introduction to the city’s highlights told from a local’s perspective. Read on to find out where the tour takes you, what I thought about it and how you can WIN two tickets to try it yourself!
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