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Scotland on the Big Screen: 'Iona' by Scott Graham |

I am not the only one who knows that Scotland is an incredibly beautiful and versatile country… One of the reasons why people know about this long before they plan their trip is that there are so many films capturing the different landscapes of this country. From the vibrant city life and the intimidating forest in Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin to the dysfunctional city-scape and empty vastness of the Highlands in Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting I have traveled through different parts of Scotland before ever actually going there myself. If you are a travel film buff like me then you might be interested in the release of Scottish film Iona which takes you to a part of Scotland, that only few people ever set foot on.

I met director Scott Graham just in time for the UK-wide release of the film and we chatted about finding the perfect setting for the story and shooting on location of the Isle of Iona.

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