About Me

Hello and welcome to Watch Me See!

My name is Kathi Kamleitner and I’m a passionate writer, traveler and photographer. I’m also a film buffPhD studentfoodie, dreamer and feminist. You see, I have a lot going on!

I’m based in Glasgow where I’m currently doing my PhD, but whenever I can I will hit the road – destination unknown. Sometimes I climb mountains or kayak across lake, and another time you can find me roaming the streets of a vibrant city or in a relaxing spa hotel away from it all.

I don’t have one favourite destination, but I’m always drawn to the North. Alaska and Greenland are high up on my bucket list – but also Mozambique, Peru and Vietnam. I’m always on the lookout for the extraordinary – those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. And yet, I don’t have a bucket list. My way to travel is more than just ticking off boxes and counting stamps in my passport.

I love all forms of travel and I hope you will allow me to share my love for the world with you!

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Watch Me See - Kathi Kamleitner - About Me