Sometimes we take even the most extraordinary things for granted. Read my story of recognising the natural things, which landed me a literature stipend!

You might have noticed it has been a bit quite around here and my social media for the past week – but there is a very good reason for that! I am actually in Austria right now, spending 10 days away from it all – away from the big city, away from my laptop and most of all away from an Internet connection. I am in the middle of the National Park Neusiedler See – Seewinkel in the far east of the country supported by a literature stipend by the Nationalparks Austria.

For ten days I get to explore the national park, speak to the people who live and work in and around it, and re-connect to a place that has always been so close to my home that there have certainly been times where I’ve taken it for granted. And that is exactly the topic of my assignment – going from taking things for granted to recognising how extraordinary they are in fact.
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Hostels are not only for backpackers and these luxury boutique hostels in London are proof for that. But the Safestay Hostels also help you to safe money!

Figuring out where to stay on a trip to London can be a major endeavour, especially if you don’t know the city so well and are a quite spontaneous type of traveler (read that as ‘not using a guidebook’). You want to be close by the city’s places of interest – for some that means museums and tourist attractions, for others hip neighbourhoods and street markets are more important; you want your accommodation to be conveniently located within the public transport system and easy to reach from airports or train stations; you want restaurants, bars and pubs close by so that you don’t have to waste all your spending money on taxis or ubers; you want to feel integrated in the local lifestyle as much as possible; and on top of all that you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a place you essentially only go to to sleep. It sounds almost impossible to score accommodation like this in the big city – but luckily there are two boutique hostels in London that offer just that. Let me tell you more about the Safestay Hostels.
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Finding a stylish rain coat that does it's job and is comfortable to wear is not easy. But traveling with this yellow dream by Craghoppers I knew I did it!

You might think, the Faroe Islands are not hard to fall in love with – and you are right. And yet, I can’t wait to show you my photos of the Faroe Islands to convince you anyways! The Faroe Islands were one of my favourite places to photograph this year so far, not only because the weather gods were generous with us for most of the week, but also because every little detail in the towns, villages and landscapes seemed larger than life to me!

So take a look at these 30 photos of the Faroe Islands and tell me: How could you resist?
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The Isle of Skye is one of Scotland's most popular destinations, and once you see it for yourself you'll know why! Here are five things to do on the Isle of Skye.

Scotland is the kind of place where you could travel around for weeks and weeks and you still would not have seen all the highlights and only scratched the surface of understanding what’s going on in a Scot’s head. And that is even though the country is so small. But there is no denying that you don’t always have months to spare to travel a place, so finding a way of squeezing as much of Scotland as possible into a week or two becomes a skill for many people planning a trip to Scotland.

While after three years in Glasgow I am still far from ‘having done it all’ I have been on several trips with visiting friends and family to see some of the most essential must-do’s that Scotland has to offer – the classic Scotland itinerary, so to say. Loch Ness, Edinburgh, Skye – these are only a few places you must not miss on your first trip around Scotland, so I thought a little one-week itinerary based my own experience could be a great start for your own research! Prepare for a tour de fource through Scotland!
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The best way to understand a foreign place as the Faroe Islands it to meet its locals, listen to their stories and learn to understand their way of life.

Lately I have made it my goal to speak to as many locals as possible when I travel, record their stories and tell them back to the world. Through the stories of the people I met on the Faroe Islands I have come to understand a lot better what life in such a place means. A sheep farmer in a tiny village at the end of a long island said to me, over a cup of coffee I had bought in his barn shop, that it took him quite a while to adjust to life in Trøllanes. In Mikladalur where he grew up and which is just behind the mountain, he said, he could always make out the village of Kunoy across the water on the neighbouring island. But here in Trøllanes you could see no sign of civilisation. You were all alone with your thoughts. I guess what isolation is, lies in the eye of the beholder.
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